The Fight for Honour

I think about Mulan a lot. Not in a weird obsessive way, but in a reflective and inspired way. The story of Mulan to me really underlines what it is to fight for our Fathers honour. Leslie Ludy said: “God made me a girl. And he did that on purpose. But he asks me to be the kind of girl who is actually useful to his kingdoms purposes. I need to become the sort of girl who is unafraid to poke my head into the battle of the ages and cry out “Who is this uncircumcised philistine who is blaspheming the armies of the living God?” God wants me to wrestle. God wants to stick grit in my girliness. He wants me to be prepared to tangle, to interlock my soul in this eternal combat – not with other girls, not with sweaty boys, but with him, and with the otherworldly powers of darkness. He wants me to wrestle in prayer, to grab ahold of his great and precious promises and fight to see them unfurled in living reality on this earth.”

Picture this, a little girl, trying on her dads armour. Of course the armour looks silly and way too big for her, but to a father I’d like to bet it looks nothing short of the most precious thing. Sometimes in order to be honourable we must do seemingly silly things, things that many others would see as ridiculous and unnecessary. For Mulan, to bring honour to her father was to cut off her hair and to go into war – as if she were a man, a son. The bible tells us, men and women alike, that we are sons of God. “So you are no longer a slave, but a son, and if a son, then an heir through God” (Galatians 4:7) in the time Paul was speaking, if you were the son you got the inheritance. Now we are all sons who are in Christ and therefore all heirs with the assignment to bring honour and glory to our heavenly Father. The story of Mulan really displays this to me: although we are women and daughters of the king we are also sons.

As women we should no longer avoid the things God is calling us to do just because they may seem too bold. Yes, we are to bring an air of gentleness and purity and femininity. In fact, femininity is crucial in this day and age where the lines are starting to blur. But we aren’t to ignore matters in the world that need to be fought through in the name of having a quiet and gentle spirit. A quiet and gentle spirit is so needed, our hearts must be calmed and comforted in our Lords, but we must not be silent. God calls us to lift our voices with praise to him and with objection to the wrongs in this world. We are called to reach the lost, the orphans, the widows, the old, the young, the homeless, the poor, the dying, the lonely, the enslaved, the broken hearted.

What is it to fight for our Fathers’ honour in this day and age? To love the unloveable. To seek out the lost. To make the precious name of Jesus and his love known, to all. God is calling us to die to our inability to speak out, cut off your hair – that is, whatever is holding you back – and fight.

Shan x


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