The Heart Trial

“You are exactly the way God wants you. And he doesn’t make mistakes” she said. And it’s not as if I haven’t heard the same thing a million times, but this time, I really heard it. Comparison is a deep heart trial, but its time to take ourselves out of the dock. Let me say this, if you don’t have the kind of friend who will be real enough to tell you when you’re wrong about yourself and that you’re exactly the way you’re supposed to be, even when you want them to join your pity party, find them. There’s someone out there waiting to tell you that your constant self-criticism has to stop. I’m sure of it. Someone waiting to be honest enough to tell you that you’ve always believed the lies and it’s time to refuse them. Because honey, you’ve always believed the lies. And it really needs to end. Continue reading


Accepting your Enough-ness

I guess it’s natural to point out flaws when we look at pictures of ourselves, or in the mirror. The society we’ve grown up in is constantly telling us what we’re not “you’re not pretty enough”, “you’re not skinny enough”, “you’re not curvy enough”, “your skin isn’t clear enough”, “your nose should be smaller”, “your eyes should be bigger”, “your teeth should be straighter”. Whatever lie you’re hearing I can guarantee you’re at least hearing one. Realistically you’re probably hearing multiple. Why is it so hard to look in the mirror and not feel the voices in our heads whisper the same tune the media is constantly singing in our ears? “You are not enough”. Continue reading