Stepping Out

A couple of months ago I met a woman in the toilets at work who was crying uncontrollably and even though she told me she was fine after I asked her, I decided to go and get someone to see if she was actually okay.It turns out that she was suicidal and was planning on ending her life very soon. Continue reading


A Season of Goodbyes

Life is full of seasons, and changes, and growing. I suppose moving on from the past and laying down things that you always held so dear is a season in itself. And I guess this is the season I’m in, a season of goodbyes. a few months ago as I had just started working part time for my church I heard God say to me in the midst of a chaotic and uncertain moment, “I am taking you to a place of much greater dependency on me” and at the time I just thought that meant in an area of public speaking, I would no longer be able to depend on what I had to say but would have to fully rely on his words. I’m now aware it was a much deeper statement than that (I don’t know how that surprised me considering with God it always is). Continue reading

Accepting your Enough-ness

I guess it’s natural to point out flaws when we look at pictures of ourselves, or in the mirror. The society we’ve grown up in is constantly telling us what we’re not “you’re not pretty enough”, “you’re not skinny enough”, “you’re not curvy enough”, “your skin isn’t clear enough”, “your nose should be smaller”, “your eyes should be bigger”, “your teeth should be straighter”. Whatever lie you’re hearing I can guarantee you’re at least hearing one. Realistically you’re probably hearing multiple. Why is it so hard to look in the mirror and not feel the voices in our heads whisper the same tune the media is constantly singing in our ears? “You are not enough”. Continue reading

To the girl in bed lying awake crying.

To the girl in bed lying awake crying,

We both know you wish you were asleep. We both know you wish the demons would quieten down and let you rest and that numbness would fall upon your aching soul. I’m so sorry you feel in this alone. I’m so sorry for the days and nights and nights and days you’ve spent, sitting alone, broken. I know you’re tired of feeling like there’s nothing left and I know you’re tired of this constant heart break that grips at everything inside of you. Please know this: He is with you. I’m sorry that I can’t be next to you, holding your hand and sitting with you through this. And I know that words won’t always be enough. But I hope this letter finds you. Continue reading

A Thankful Heart in Singleness

It’s been playing on my mind a lot recently that so many young people within our society whether involved in the church or not are faced with this idea that singleness means having less worth, as if the two were correlated in some way. Somehow within our media and day to day lives we have created this romance ideology in which anyone without a love interest is deemed of less value. This needs to stop. I realise more and more as I scroll through social media how dangerous and damaging this view is, we see young girls hate themselves because they don’t have the gorgeous film-star-looking boyfriend who sends flowers to their door every Friday night. How heart breaking it is to see girls and guys who somehow feel that they have less to offer to the world because of who they are or aren’t dating. Continue reading